What are the requirements:

In our clean living home, a recovery client is required to be clean and sober at all times and is subjected to random drug and alcohol testing in order to ensure compliance. These practices are to make sure the integrity of the facility is maintained, as well as make certain the environment is conducive to ongoing recovery.

Most residents are also required to get a job and/or possibly return to school to continue their education. This requirement ensures all residents are observing constructive behavior and spending time on positive activities that do not focus on engaging in substance abuse. By working or going to school, recovering addicts can begin working towards goals and build up self-esteem.

When in Maggie’s House, residents are required to attend regular NA meetings each week to observe ongoing recovery. Often people will go to these meetings as a group, which helps to provide each individual with motivation and support. We may allow home visits on the weekend. Though it is common to allow a Friday through Sunday visit, it is not extended to every resident, but rather something to be determined after weighing what is in the person’s best interest and taking the chances of relapse and the home environment into consideration.

There are curfews that must be observed at all times. After curfew, there is a head count done to make sure everyone has returned for the day and has not been engaging in drinking or drug use.

We have our own unique set of rules and regulations that must be observed and respected. If a person is found to be in possession of drugs or alcohol or intoxicated while in residence or after returning from a weekend pass, it will result in immediate expulsion. It is important for a person to have a clear understanding of what is expected before committing to this facility.

Maggie's House