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Residents of Maggie's House receive help in the following areas:

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  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Employment
  • Recovery
  • Citizenship


Maggie's House

What we are

Typically a clean living facility is a place that provides a supportive, structured environment for recovering addicts who are not yet ready to face life in the outside world. The goal of a clean living facility is to provide transitional housing for recovering addicts who have recently completed an inpatient treatment or rehabilitation program successfully. A clean living program is not intended to be a long-term living arrangement, but rather a halfway facility that gives an individual a reasonably priced environment shared with others who have the same goal of maintaining clean time.

Fees: $200/non-refundable entry fee

$100/weekly rent

I am a recovering addict with over 22 years’ experience.  I am a Certified Recovery Coach and a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Someone recovering from addiction needs extra compassion, support and understanding while finding new lifestyle choices and adopting healthy coping skills. These are offered at Maggie’s House, Inc. Often, if an addict is returned into an old environment too quickly, all of the work and everything accomplished in rehab will be pushed aside, and the person will relapse back into addiction. I believe that recovery is a process that involves improving all stages of an individual's life. It is my goal to effectively partner with each client to help them regain their dignity and successfully grow through the recovery process.